How to treat hip osteoarthritis

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Osteoarthritis, sometimes called “wear and tear” arthritis, is a common degenerative condition. Doctors can treat osteoarthritis with medication and surgery. People can also manage their symptoms with different exercises and stretches. Source: Medical News today Read more

Physical activity in lessons improves students’ attainment

Category: Healthcare News

Students who take part in physical exercises like star jumps or running on the spot during school lessons do better in tests than peers who stick to sedentary learning, according to a UCL-led study. Source: Medical Xpress Read more

Recommendations to prevent secondary fractures in adults 65+ with osteoporosis

Category: Healthcare News

A multistakeholder coalition assembled by the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (ASBMR) has issued clinical recommendations for the optimal prevention of secondary fracture among people aged 65 years and older with a hip or vertebral fracture—the most serious complication associated with osteoporosis. Source: Medical Xpress Read more

Is Partial Knee Replacement Right For You?

Category: Healthcare News

The partial knee replacement surgical procedure has generated significant interest because it uses a smaller incision and has a faster recovery than full knee replacement surgery. Partial knee replacement is a type of and minimally invasive surgery. The idea is to remove only the most damaged areas of cartilage from the joint and leave any […]

5 common sport injuries: what you need to know

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While there are preventative steps adults and children alike can take, Joseph N. Liu, MD, an orthopedic surgeon for Loma Linda University Medical Center, says it’s important to remember that there is always a risk of injury with recreational activities and that some injuries come from wear over time. Source: Loma Linda University Health Read […]

How to strengthen your knee

Category: Healthcare News

The knee is the largest joint in the body. People use it heavily every day as they walk, run, climb, or jump. As a result, it is also very prone to injury and pain. When these occur, a doctor may recommend exercises to help a person strengthen the muscles around the knee. Source: Medical News […]

How much of one sport is too much for your budding superstar?

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Playing a sport has become a year-round endeavor for many youths, who feel pressure to focus exclusively on one sport in their efforts to play at the high school and collegiate levels. Source: Medical Xpress Read more

Common Cause of Pain With Hip Bursitis

Category: Healthcare News

When the bursa becomes inflamed, each time the tendon has to move over the bone, pain results. Because patients with hip bursitis move this tendon with each step, symptoms of this condition can be quite painful. Source: Verywell Health Read more

Treating Muscle Soreness After Exercise

Category: Healthcare News

Treatment of sore muscles after exercise is focused on reducing the inflammation and allowing the sore muscle to heal properly. Some treatments recommended for muscle soreness have a scientific basis, others do not. Source: Verywell Health Read more

How to get rid of knee pain when sleeping

Category: Healthcare News

Joint pain and swelling become more common as people age. Pain in the knee can make walking, running, and other activities uncomfortable. It can also make it difficult to fall or stay asleep at night. Source: Medical News Today Read more


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